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Get Moving Supplies Moving Boxes

Get Moving Supplies Moving Boxes
Kitchen Boxes

Make your move easy

Box Set: Kitchen Boxes

Kitchen Boxes

Kitchen Box

(8)18x18x22 Boxes

Bundle of (8) of our heavy duty 44ECT box that is perfect for your dishes, glasses and stemware. Be sure to wrap each piece individually in packing paper to ensure there is no breakage.


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Kitchen Box Tip

Get Moving Supplies Moving Boxes offers an extra sturdy Kitchen Box specifically designed for the maximum protection of your breakable items. The Kitchen Box is thicker than traditional moving boxes which help fragile items make the move undamaged.

Kitchen Boxes can pack dishware, glasses, cookware, china, etc. By wrapping your breakables in Newsprint or Bubble Wrap and carefully placing them in the Kitchen Box, your items should arrive safely at your new home with no problems.

Hint: Remember to fill boxes with void fill(packing paper, bubble wrap, peanuts) if they are not full. Full boxes are much less likely to crush.