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1 bed room moving kits
4 Room Moving Kit

Economy Moving Kit #4

Moving kit 2

Economy Moving Kit
Moving Boxes and Supplies

Kit contains:
50 Small Boxes
24 Medium boxes
12 Large boxes
2 Roll of tape
2 Permanent Marker

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4 Room Moving Kits

The 4 bedroom moving kit is one of our most popular packages. This kit is great for a family with 3 kids or a family with 2 kids and office space in their home. The moving kit contains a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies to help you get ready for your upcoming move.

This kit does not come with mattress or sofa covers, so be sure to check those out and purchase what you need. Mattress and sofa covers are great during your move. They will keep dust, dirt and water off your bed so that it arrives at your new home in good condition.